Introducing myself


My name is Marthy de Wit. I was born in Enkhuizen The Netherlands.

Because of circumstances l was brought up in a boarding school where

I (enjoyed) my upbringing. I have a lot of fantasy and find much pleasure

in creating. In my curtain shop I could do that to my heart contents. It was

a pleasure for me to go into people’s houses and give their homes a

cosy atmosphere. But there is another side to me. My spiritual side

needed attention also. I therefore took myself off to Amsterdam a few

times a week for a couple of years to study Astrology. There I did my

training in Astrology, Tarot reading, to reflect universally, and Esoteric

schooling. For this I wanted to remember my mentor

Hans Wesseling by painting his picture.



It was a great pleasure to study under him. Through all kinds of weather

I went there so as not to miss a single evening. He was a fantastic

person, no hovering, no nagging, no vagueness, as it is, so it is.

Besides my business I started a Centre. I gave courses in Astrology,

Tarot, and other things. Noud van Eerenbeemt would sometimes do a

reading, and when that happened the centre would fill up with people.

I painted this picture of Noud.



My friend Marianne and myself called Hans the 'Father' and Noud

'the Mother'. We always went to readings they gave in Amsterdam.

These were fantastic times. Unfortunately they are both dead, there

task has ended, and as we sometimes say, they are now sitting on a

cloud looking down on us to make sure that we do things right. I began

to be known a little and was asked by Radio West Friesland to do a

radio program with the name "Astroscope". I would invite two well-known

people per program for 2 hours, or people who were known to have

made news in one form or another. They each got one hour in which I

would read their horoscope in which their activities were revealed. All in

all I was doing a little too much and had a bit of a breakdown when my

mother fell to get very ill. The shop was sold and I continued with the

centre. All of a sudden Saints crossed my path, my lounge room started

filling up with them, I could not move around much with them there. And

how would you feel to have all those eyes staring at you? I decided to

do away with the centre and to start a museum for the holy ones. They

are extremely satisfied in their new home, they got their wish. One can

say that for me everyday is All Saints’ Day.


Why don't you come one day and have a look. It is very cosy and full of

atmosphere and there is much to see. My creative impulses will not leave

me be, so everything you see that l have made is for sale, for instance;

big and small leaves, tiles with astrological signs and with small leaves

16 by 16, flowerpots in diverse depictions, flowers, astrological signs etc.


Best wishes from the Saints and me: Marthy.