General characteristics of the sign Capricorn.

Capricorn are always straightforward, are not hypocritical, always keep their promises, will not deceive others quickly. They are clever, reach their aim, thanks to their diplomacy, tact and cautiousness. Capricorn are persevering, systematic and neat, businesslike and practical but also time-consuming plodders, who make life unnecessarily complicated. They can lead and organise large companies, are sober, solitary and unapproachable. They want to reach a high position in life. Their motto is: a deal is a deal, time is time. They generally reach the aim that they have in mind, in spite of the difficulties they have to face. They are responsible, methodical, economical, good organizers; you can count on them. They are good advisors, reliable friends and partners, also good fathers. Still they can be negative, can be blinkered and be rigid. Have problems showing their feelings, they donít expose themselves easily. They are not loquacious and hardly ever take part in family or groups activities. They donít like twaddle or simple talk. They do their job dutifully and with love. Capricorn wants to make an impression through their home, car, work, their partner or the children. They can be very pessimistic. Attach too much value to material things and success. They have the need to prove themselves continuously. Without a reason they can isolate themselves for days. They like to be alone, don't find it important to maintain social contacts. They are ideal partners for long winter evenings, sociably at home sitting by the fire. Capricorn want to perform, but of course also for the financial side of it. They go their own way, always working hard as if they are being haunted. They donít like things to go automatically. Silently, keeping to the rules, they clamber up along the difficult road of success till they reach the top. They are often very good breadwinners. They have considerable endurance and are generally dexterous. They are not too fond of study, and of sport. They prefer work and to reach their aim. They canít stand to be treated unrespectfully, they don't like irresponsible people. You must never tease or impede them, that goes against the grain. They handle setbacks well, they will work even harder because of it. They have a good intellect, don't think fast but do gather, by preserving, a treasure of knowledge. They are seldom superficial, rather cautious and serious. They are very conservative; donít like new ideas and inventions. If there is proof that the idea is good, only then will they work with it. They are good in keeping secrets; this makes them very suitable in activities that require confidentiality. They can be very economical and turn every penny before spending it. They are cost-conscious, seldom buy what they donít need, their family members have to be careful too. Capricorn are very busy with themselves, they only see what is important for them and do not have much consideration for others. They are frightened that people will take advantage of them, thatís why they show a rigid attitude in advance. Generally they do not have a large circle of friends. Their friendship or hatred is lasting. They suffer from depressive moods, often see the dark side of life, and take everything to heart. Their look is downcast, they almost never look you right in the eyes. They are an example for others in their devotion to duty and perseverance. They never show others their fears and doubts, nobody is allowed to know that. They seldom show themselves to the outside world, they hide their suffering and pain. They keep a cool head and are as solid as a rock. Loss of face is the most terrible thing that can happen to Capricorn. In friendships they are very careful. They donít like to show their weaknesses to others and for this reason they are afraid of friendship. Business relationship is better, with that they can discuss business subjects; such contacts do not become intimate too quickly.


In employment, Capricorn need work in which they can get ahead, they want a position as close as possible to the top. They need activities that they can do alone as much as possible, they want to reach the top on their own ability. They are always exactly on time in their workplace and can continue working long after closing time, it means nothing to them. They like to do their work well, without haste; therefore conveyer belt work is not for the Capricorn. They donít like to change their job, want certainty, promotion, they build up their pension to insure for the later years. They can be very quiet but if they say something it is apt and also with humour.


The health of Capricorn.

Capricorn are frequently scrupulous and petty. They bite their nails, are susceptible to depressions. They must do a lot of sport and also to go to sports to meet people. Happy people as much as possible must surround them. They suffer frequently. They are often plaque by sicknesses which are the consequences of mental and physical rigidity. Their skeleton is weak. Their complaints are often: rheumatism, joint curvature, constipation, chalky nails, depression, phobias and feelings of loneliness. Especially in their youth their health leaves much to be desired. Capricorn often reaches a ripe old age. They are careful about their energy, thatís why they can live long. They must watch out for cold weather, that is their deathly enemy, also draught and damp. The weak places of the Capricorn are especially the knees, the skin and often the kidneys. They can have problems with falls; taking the skin off, blue spots or even a knee break as a result. The knees give them the most trouble. By playing sport they must always carry knee guards. They should have their knees looked at if they have continuous pain. They especially have to protect their knees, hips and neck. Mud bath and sunlight are good for Capricorn. Capricorn are very susceptible to skin disorders. Their skin is frequently dry and chapped, they often have child blains in winter, (also when it is cold). Moreover early wrinkles can appear, a good protection cream is necessary. They must also give attention to their mucous membranes. They are susceptible to bladder infection and infection of the urinary tract. Cold weather is the cause of that as well, especially with women. They have to dress as warm as possible; walking in wet clothes in the summer is not advisable. Drink a lot of water and pay attention to good food. Eating the wrong food has an immediate side effect on the skin. A balanced diet is necessary for Capricorn, do not diet too much. Use food with many vitamins. They also can have a stomach and bowel complaint, that is why a good diet is necessary. Capricorn doesnít feel the cold too much but their organs do, a small draught can lead to a bladder infection or a rheumatism attack. In cold weather they get child blains quickly. They must protect themselves well against the cold. Not only in the winter, but also if they are in wet and cold surroundings. The sun and vitamin D are indispensable for Capricorn. In regards to their holidays; they need to let go of everyday worries. They donít need many people around them, they need rest and quiet surroundings. Holiday is often difficult for Capricorn, because they donít know how to relax. They canít take work along, they must be forced to forget work during the holiday. Rest and sun will do them good. Mountains are very good for Capricorn. Long solitary walks suit them. They must not change their eating habits during their holiday. Swimming is very good for Capricorn, it is good for the body and spirit. Capricorn women must be careful with cosmetic remedies, their skin can start to irritate and could cause skin problems.


What makes a Capricorn feel better:

By wearing an emerald as a jewel. This splendid green stone makes the Capricorn suppler. A small bunch of lilies on the table or to burn essential lily-oil. Regularly drink green tea. Two litres of mineral water daily. Bran-like food. Eat cleansing vegetables regularly (chicory, sorrel, rhubarb, winter purslane). Swimming and visits to the sauna as often as possible. Pleasant, lively and positive company.


External characteristics:

Long, lean, bony, long nose and chin, low implanted eyebrows, broad forehead, pale appearance, and lines in the face. Generally dark hair and dark eyes.



Notary, accountant, civil servant, historian, architect, administrator, staff official, head of a department, director, manufacturer. Professions where the top can be reached and especially a good name can be made by the correct carry out of a profession.


Love life:

The meanings concerning "loyalty" from Capricorn differ. He wonít put his marriage on the line for an affair and ensures therefore that possible romantic trips remain secret. Capricorn loves the certainty and security of marriage and is generally very devoted to the family. There must also be order and regularity and a "home". Thus Capricorn chooses a partner who loves a regular life, but they donít have a strong inner life, because they donít know how to handle that. Generally Capricorn is faithful, restrained, timid and cold.

Suitable life partner: Taurus and Virgo.









body part


lucky number



incense/essential oil


tarot card


indigo-blue, black

pit (coal), granite, onyx, black diamond


goat, giraffe

poplar, cypress, oak, poppy, holly, fern

India, England, Afghanistan, South Africa

bones, liver, gallbladder, tooth, skin,

knees, muscles

2 and 8


Ice hockey

comfrey, pepper berry


the devil