General characteristics of the sign Virgo.

Some find Virgo warm and sensitive, others find them cold, surly and reserved. They are both. At first glance Virgo can come over cold. But when one gets to know Virgo better, they are warm, and gentle. You donít get a good contact with Virgins immediately, but when the ice is broken you get to know them. They can be very formal, reserved and choosy. They can be very good friends or girlfriends. Virgins are intelligent, civilized, helpful and entertaining. Moreover, they a have strongly developed feeling of justice. But unfortunately, their feeling for perfection.Ö. often has a negative effect. It often happens that they don't know how to finish a task (except when they are supported by the willpower of a fire sign). Virgo can also be very shy, faultfinding and egotistical and because of this they can come across as negative. That can hamper new contacts. Virgo also have an inclination to melancholy and exaggeration. They are also not very accommodating and can be difficult. Furthermore Virgos are scientifically, ingenious, choosy, methodical, selfish and always critical. They are generally discreet, often work behind the screens and are good in keeping something going. They always pay attention to small things, are practical, neat, systematically, active and always want to maintain order. They think in boxes and squares, have a good intellect and an analytical capacity. They love purity, thatís why they are so choosy. They can have a lack of self-confidence. Thatís why they feel more comfortable in a subordinate role than in a leading position. Virgo likes to do tasks allocated to them, rather than invent something by themselves. They want to be useful and helpful and do things with devotion. They have a good feeling for material values, thatís why they are very cost-conscious. They read consumer magazines; they want to be informed of what is on the market and what is best to buy for their money. One can certainly call Virgo economical; they seldom buy something what they don't really need. They are more inclined to use their intellect than their feelings, it is safer that way. Before they believe anything they always want it proven first, they only believe in authority, someone who, according to them, has the knowledge. It is not easy to persuade Virgo of something, not even if they are wrong. The work that Virgo delivers is done to perfection. Everything is very well organized. They have a feeling for details, search for that everywhere and lose sight of the bigger things. Then they become doubtful and forget what it is all about. Virgo loves correct behaviour and are good with figures. They canít stand sloppy work; of themselves, nor of others, thatís why they seem difficult in other people's eyes. They can make sharp observations but are generally very reliable. They are at their best if they can work as a team. Towards a partner they can be cold, this is to hide their uncertainty. Because of this they can miss out on a lot. If they can act more from their feelings, then there is no need for uncertainty. They are constantly frightened into doing something wrong, they would feel ashamed. They canít stand mistakes. Virgo people are generally clean, exact and neat. This can show itself in an overwhelming need for cleanliness. They are finicky, they can be too exact. They can suffer from homophobia, have a morbid concern about their own health. They are fastidious, they donít like to have dinner at somebody else's place in case they have not washed their hands or that the dishes are not clean enough, there could be hair everywhere from them or their pets, going to the toilet and not washing the hands afterwards. They are very good in avoiding situations which they do not find pleasant. Virgo notices every small detail and feels that they must put everything in order, thatís why they are never ready, they are always buzzing about. They are often the best in nursing; everything is done precise and neat. They are frequently more obliging than helpful. In needlework/embroidery they excel in. They obtain rest in nature, are in their element if they can work in the garden, everything classified, colour with colour, the garden always looks neat. Their need is to live amongst nature. They only find rest in surroundings where they donít have to keep tidying things themselves.


Virgo needs work, which depends on detail, they do well in administrative work, and keeping books suits them well. We also find Virgo in medicine. Both as a doctor and also a nurse. They are better suited to be a specialist than a general practitioner. You can also see them as a laboratory assistant, dietician, and mouth hygienist. Of course they are very good in a profession in which they must provide criticism, i.e. reviewer of a magazine, inspector or teacher. Virgo generally have little faith in somebody else, would rather do everything themselves. They are very sweet, often more difficult for themselves than for others.


The health of Virgo.

With Virgo the mentality rules the strongest, it is therefore reasonable that the state of mind has to do with health. The weakest places with Virgo are the intestines. Worry, fear, tensions etc. all lead to the disturbance of the organism. They should take medicine as little as possible, live a quiet and natural life as is possible. They can get sick with worry if material matters are not going well. They feel healthy as long as things are going well. Virgo can worry themselves over their health. Their digestive system can suffer because of this. They donít necessarily have to follow a diet, just healthy food will do. Sports are very good for them. The most important sicknesses of Virgo have to do with the intestinal canal, the stomach muscles and the nervous system. Virgo are susceptible for almost any sicknesses of the intestinal canal, this can be diarrhoea or constipation but also intestinal cramp (colic). This generally does not occur because of a deviation of the intestinal canal, but because they digest food with difficulty. Every irritation, every emotion, every worry with Virgo, show themselves through difficulties of the intestines. These can be acute or chronic. They can feel puffed up. Eating slowly helps, doing physical exercises, going outside as much as possible also helps. Virgo can have trouble with nausea and vomiting. This originates from a nervous condition. They are hypersensitive, emotions cause cramps in the stomach or the intestinal muscles. Accumulation of air in the stomach expands it, this puts pressure on the heart and it reacts by beating faster, (if the cause is nervous tension). These can be rather painful. These situations generally occur after a meal. Results of disorders are: low blood pressure, over sensitivity, perspiration, hot flushes or emotional diarrhoea etc. Also complaints of the hip nerve of the can occur. This is not usually acute and also not very painful but more likely chronic and sharp. Virgo must eat food, which does not irritate their intestinal canal, and the best is to avoid all carbonated drinks. A holiday can be totally reviving for a Virgo, mentally and physically. They are not very strong, tire very easily, thatís why a holiday is very good for them. For a physical and mental balance it is necessary to free body and spirit of the daily worries for a while. Virgo donít like distant travel, nor heat. They mainly need change and rest. The best is: take a week's holiday several times a year, instead of one long holiday. Virgo often leads a sedentary life, for this reason they should walk a lot on their holiday.


What makes a Virgo feel better:

By wearing amber. By putting a hyacinth on the table, or burn essential oil in which a hyacinth has been processed. Regularly drink valerian tea. Its better not to eat heavy food. Frequently eat plums, grapes and other gentle fruit. Move with long slow movements regularly but alternate between, i.e. one day cycling, next day go for a walk, the third day swimming. Limit the use of spices.


External characteristics:

Average size, rather heavy, well developed forehead. Often-dark hair, clear intelligent eyes, clean features.



Criticus, dietician, physicist and naturopath, chemist, analyst, teacher, watchmaker neurosurgeon, accountant, inspector, tax inspector, lawyer, nurse, dental hygienist, dietician, apothecary, iris copyist, homeopath, dentist, physiotherapist, pathologist, laboratory assistant, administrative employee, civil servant. Warehouseman, secretary, professions that has to do with disinfectionís, i.e. sterilising medical instruments in a hospital. Professions who require exactitude and expert knowledge.


Love life:

Virgo can make an impression on others of being a little cool, not very passionate. That is not necessarily always the case. Approaching a Virgo can be a bit difficult. The cause of this is often their critical attitude; the striving for perfection, a partner must also be perfect. Virgo often marries late in life or not at all, or can enter into a business marriage. In love, the mind rules because Virgo seldom let themselves be dragged by their feelings. When Virgo can accept a partner the way he is, there can be a permanent relationship. Virgo chooses a realistic partner with whom he can talk to, someone who is neat and hygienic, can handle money and moreover has a considerable intellect. The sexual relationship is not a priority. When in love Virgo is devoted, distant, not passionate, but loyal.

Suitable life partner: Taurus and Capricorn.











body part

lucky number



incense/essential oil

tarot card



yellow, earthy red, blue, violet tints

hyacinth chalcedony, agate,

sardonic, carneool, jaspis


mouse, snake, swallow, hare, squirrel,

small house pets

grain, field fruit, azalea, narcissus, buttercup

Switzerland, Turkey

intestines, blood circulation

3 and 5



valerian, sandalwood, cinnamon

the hermit