General characteristics of the sign Taurus.

Youth, passion, beauty, an instinct for capture and a joy of life are the main characteristics of Taurus. They are not selfish, can sacrifice themselves. Taurus can organise well and never waste their strengths. They will never act compulsive, can solve the most difficult problems with their personal charm and talent. They love nature, animals and garden, everything what grows and blooms, build, renovate and cultivate. They are solid, want a basis and security. They are practical and realistic, strongly aimed at what is. Also fiery and distant, active and organised, passionate and attentive, strong-willed and warm-blooded. It is a female sign. This gives Taurus their flexibility, grace and female pliability, because Venus is the planet of Taurus. Therefore they are creative, attached to beautiful things that are durable and of good quality. They want to spend money on articles of good quality and are very cost-conscious. They love a good meal, are able to cook cheaply but tasty nevertheless. They can be sentimental and be moved easily. They love life in every form, for that they can give the impression to be egoistical, but that is not always the case. Taurus are always there to help others if they really need help. Taurus always thinks before they will do something, discuss how they can reach their aim. They act with great thought, want to have a grip on life, are frequently doubtful and can feel uncertain in new situations. They want security, their own place; things also must have their own place. You must never doubt their loyalty. They don't want to hurt others. Family always comes first. If Taurus chooses the path of love, they choose for good. They are not able to cope with short-tempered people, they keep out of their way. But Taurus of course also have less good qualities such as stubbornness. They cannot be brought to other ideas no matter what. They can be angry for a long time, be furious, if must for many years. They have strong sympathies and antipathies, never forget and find difficult to forgive. They have the inclination to bring up old grudges. They are very tenacious, have perseverance, are stubborn, are slow to start, but are able to work non-stop for something important. They are lazy and take things too easy what is for them unimportant matters. Generally Taurus are very easy in get along with, except if you thwart them or if you force them to do something. They can’t stand ugly surroundings, so-called friends, insistent and restless people. The emotional/inner life of Taurus is very important for them. They appreciate emotional contact with others and can be moved by things which touches their feelings such as a harmonious environment, colours and romance. They love a safe and quiet life. They have many talents, they are generally handy but it does not always come out right. They worry whether it will bring them profit, possession is very important. They have the inclination to be a bit lazy, be too fond of rest and comfort. They would rather not make themselves unnecessarily tired. They love to collect things, gather acquaintances. Are either very messy and untidy or practical and neat. They hang around too long and leave last. If you let Taurus alone they won't bother anybody. Taurus can put set aside there feelings, not always successful if they do that too often, then they can explode. The generally non-aggressive Taurus can suddenly become so angry that people (and even himself) are in shock. They can have a sweet tooth and an alcohol addiction. They fear to let go of a person whom they love. They want certainty and others must give that to them. They can panic by changes in their life. They therefore can lose their self-confidence. They are trustworthy, sometimes too much. Taurus likes contact with people, but small groups. They thrive best in a small company. They don’t like long complicated talks but simple conversations. They love social contacts where they can have a drink and eat. They are in their element during a pleasant dinner with friends. They love nicely covered tables with candles and music in the background.


Taurus has an artistic bent, like to visit a gallery, go to concerts and drama clubs, like to see a good musical or a light opera. They love listening to a good singing voice and often have a good voice themselves. Many singers are Taurus. They love harmonious surroundings, contact with people who have taste, walk in nature, many flowers and plants surround them, beautiful paintings on the wall. They have a big feeling of responsibility, are solid and reliable. They are not fast thinkers but rather sound thinkers. Taurus are pleasant people to get along with.


The health of Taurus.

Taurus is a vital sign, throat and heart are the weakest places. Taurus people are often lazy they therefore must stick to fixed habits and working hours. They must do a lot of body exercises. They have an inclination for corpulence because they have a big an appetite. It’s also important that they stick to a diet and use fat as little as possible. Hot spices are not good for Taurus. Because of heart agitation, hustling and bustling must be avoided. When they are depressed it is best to spend time with pleasant people who will do them good. Listening to beautiful music will bring them in harmony. They should not eat food or drink spirits which contain malt. Furthermore they have to watch out for catching colds, they are susceptible to bronchitis, a hoarse throat, throat disorders. They can also be susceptible for kidney disorders. Sensitive places are the ears and often the bronchial tubes. Taurus people have often a lump in their throat because of their nervousness. They must also give attention to their tonsils, the Eustachian tube, the vertebra of the neck, the thyroid gland. Taurus can suffer from insomnia especially during periods of moon changing. Taurus needs to make their lungs strong by doing breathing exercises in an open window. They must spend their holidays in quiet surroundings with family, the beach is very good, especially by inhaling iodine sea air. Pure mountain air is also very good for Taurus. A variation between beach and mountains would be best. It also gives them vitamins that they need.


What makes a Taurus feel better?

By carrying an agate. This stimulates their creativity and will make easier for a Taurus get along in the world. To put a rose on the table or burn essential oil. Regularly eat scorzonera, fresh fruit and especially apples. Fresh vegetables daily and eat at regular times. Walk and sports; to slow down the appetite.


External characteristics:

Short, pressed, firmly, thick neck, short straight nose, short arms/legs, strong hands, short fingers, broad shoulders, thick curling hear, broad for-head, heavy eyebrows, pleasant yes, full lips, slow movements.



Gardener, florist, farmer, musician, banker, cook, singer, accountant, economist, architect, designer (fashion /jewels), artist, administrative employee, museum administrator, broker. Professions that requires a creative and an organisational capacity and meticulousness.


Love life:

Taurus is enthusiastic, but can be also distant. Very active in love, but also organised, passionate and attentive. Taurus is a tender lover and occupies himself gladly with all elements of the love game, sexuality plays a large role. When Taurus loves someone, he will do a lot for the loved one, he is very faithful when he finds true love. If sexuality is satisfying, Taurus would be a faithful partner for life. Taurus desires restfulness from the partner, homely cosiness, peace and harmony. The partner must not handle money too generously, because Taurus loves financial certainty. The female Taurus has the inclination to look for a partner who offers her a certain “live in comfort”. The mail Taurus is looking for a woman who has good taste, dressed well, who is homely and especially can cook well. In love life Taurus is jealous, possessive, distant, has unexpected emotional outbreaks.

Suitable life partner: Virgin and Capricorn.










body parts

lucky number



incense/essential oil

tarot card


Taurus feast


pink, medium blue, green

blue sapphire, rose quartz lapis-lazuli,

barn stone


leopard, cow, pig, beef

potatoes, primula, rose, lily forget-me-not, violet lily of the valley, daisy

Ireland, Denmark, Poland, Israel

throat, neck

4 and 6



sage, pokeberry, saffron

the high priestess


flower parade, miss election