General characteristics of the sign Scorpio.

Scorpio have an introvert personality, they dominate their inner lives and their emotions. They are steady, think before they make a move and never do so without a reason. Scorpio are water signs and are therefore mysterious. They are the opposite of Taurus, who are easier and want to enjoy life more. Scorpio thinks more of the continuation of life; let themselves be led by their reproduction instinct. They are introverted and do not expose themselves easily. They are however quick to form an opinion of others. They always want to know what is behind things, are very tenacious, and should learn how to let go. They are very aware of themselves and know what is good for them. They have a problem with power. It is the strongest sign of the zodiac. They should aim their power towards themselves, strengthen their ego. People tend to be frightened of them. Overall they don't interfere much in other people's lives. They prefer working on their own and rather independent. They are good in chemistry and investigative work because they seek the core of all things. They can waste their energy, and tend to muddle on. They can do the same thing their whole life, also the same kind of work. They love the sun and are happy on or at the water edge. They are passionate and energetic, very active and if it is necessary they can show much energy. They have an iron willpower and a stubborn tenacity, for which they can go far. They are dynamic people; this makes them attractive for others. They urge others on; they bring excitement in their surroundings and have a magnetic attraction. They will not easily disadvantage others. They are often very critical, have trouble with jealousy and envy, and this is part of their naughtiness. They are especially jealous of the good qualities of others. They have a closed inner self, have difficulty thinking, and are better at feeling things. They can have strong links with the same elements, Cancer and Pisces. If they can have love and eroticism in the same package, then they can become the happiest of people, they want a perfect marriage. Their thoughts are directed to money and sex: money and sex means power. They go to the extreme, always live on the abyss. Are able to help people, because they instinctively know how others feel. Know the weak spots of others, are able to use this in two ways: positive and negative. With them everything is sharp, it is everything or nothing. They are constructive or destructive, are loved or hated, but never ignored. They donít like half measures, no compromises, and no unfinished business. It is everything or nothing, until eternity. Scorpio are not frightened of negative things, they just expose them, and they know that something ugly can lead to something beautiful. They are attracted to occult matters. Have faith in their inspirations and intuition and in their religious experiences. They are unfathomable, brave in their actions, they often speak surly. They can be good friends but also big enemies. They never forgive or forget. They will always remember when something was done to them, even if they have to wait for twenty years, they will revenge themselves. If you deceive a Scorpio or donít keep a promise, you will regret it because that is not accepted. Nobody knows what goes on inside a closed Scorpio. They have a good memory for negative things. They must learn to forgive and forget. They see through others with their penetrating eyes. They are noticeable by their responses but especially by their eyes. They find out everything, they can worm out the secrets of others, can force them to confessions. They know human character like nobody else because they are busy fighting between good and bad. Scorpio does not interfere with unessential; they can see what goes on and deal with it. By their persistent silence others feel that they are in the wrong. They have their own opinion and are not afraid to say it. If they want to reach a goal they take risks but they know how far they can go. The stronger the competition, the better they feel. They are good workers but mostly out of self-interest. Donít argue with them, they will react sharply and fight harder to the bitter end. If they like you, then they are real friends. They clearly show whom they like or dislike.


Scorpio needs work in which they can do investigation. All kinds of research work appeals to them, especially if confidentiality is required. Also they are very good in research work (as a detective, intelligence service etc.). They examine everything thoroughly, leave nothing to coincidence. They are also suitable for work where criticism must be provided, because it is in their nature to be critical. Thatís why they can discover things, intervene before something goes wrong. This makes them also very suitable as proofreaders; they see errors which are overlooked by others. As teachers they are critical, they point out the errors to the students until they donít make them anymore, thatís why they are not so popular. They are often unnecessarily sharp and have strong sympathies and antipathies. Many Scorpio work for newspapers, they know what they are doing and of which they are writing. Often they are dentists or surgeons. Furthermore they are fit for activities which have to do with death and are scary for others. They are not frightened of the dead. They are often butchers, they can also have a profession which has to do with the laying out of a corpse or stuffed animals. They can also be analysts, to examine urine or faeces. They are suitable for the army, sea and air force, especially if they must fight in wartime. You also see them in the police force, especially the Military Police. They are lawyers or public/Crown prosecutor. They can excel in sport, in hand labour and in mental matters.


The health of Scorpio:

Scorpio have the inclination to make them concerned about medical matters. They generally have good health. Are not very sensitive to pain, but they would want a quick treatment when they are sick. Even if that treatment is painful. Weak sites of Scorpio are beside the genital organ, the bowels and the nose. Too much drink and food can cause liver inflammation. They can have problems with piles, they must avoid highly seasoned food, not practise horse or motor sport, apply anal hygiene. Scorpio can also have a problem with nose bleedings, especially by strong emotions or outbursts of anger. They are also liable to get colds, allergies and hay fever. They can have problems with their sexuality, it can have three causes: physical, hormonal and mental. They also can get complaints around there fifties which have to do with hormone production. These are created mainly by strong exertions. They should not lift heavy things. They can have problems with deafness, a hoarse voice and eye sicknesses. They do have to watch out not become addicted to certain medicines and alcohol. Scorpio must ensure for sufficient rest and to avoid exuberant sexuality. Furthermore they can suffer from ulcers, boils and stress. Scorpio need holidays, they need time off from work and live it up. They are rather fiery, are quick to criticize, especially when they are bored. They canít adapt easily in a group. Are brave and tenacious, want to prove themselves, that is why long hikes or bicycle excursions are very good for them. Deserts and mountains attracts them. They feel themselves at their best on an active holiday. A quiet holiday on the beach is not good for them. Only if they are able to surf or sail. A sportive holiday is the best for Scorpio and even better on their own. Scorpio have a talent for almost any sport, especially the one where they have to fight to be the best, also dangerous sports. The like game sports very much and.... win!!!!


What makes a Scorpio feel better:

By carrying a grenade as a jewel. A bunch of lilies on the table, or to burn essential oil in which this flower is processed. With ulcers and boils, comfrey tea in a cloth, and put these on the pustule. Many vegetables rich in vitamins. Regularly eat plums and other laxative fruit. Drink two litres of mineral water daily.


External characteristics:

Robust, body not in balance, muscular, dark and fascinating eyes, generally dark, chestnut or red her. Manageable hair.



Surgeon, sexologist, psychiatrist, inspector, scientific research worker, doctor, nurse, internist, teacher, critic, dentist, gravedigger, assassin, public accuser. Psychologist, paranormal healer, research worker in general. Detective, secret service. Slaughterhouse worker, laying out of corpses, police force, army, lawyer. Professions where an amount of physical strength and promptness of action plays a role.


Love life:

The life of Scorpio is ruled by sex. It almost masters their complete life. This sign of the Zodiac will have many affairs, is enthusiastic in love and absorbed in sexual techniques. He wants to have the partner entirely for himself, even if the relationship is in an early state. Although he is very good in the technical part of sexuality, Scorpio has a problem to show his feelings, those he keeps to himself. Moreover he needs much attention, wants to be the main attraction and can be passionately jealous. When once Scorpio commits himself he is faithful and expects the same of his partner. He is looking for a partner who is honest, gives up freedom and is loyal. He experiences love as a passionate and erotic adventure, very intense, and jealous.

Suitable life partner: Cancer and Pisces.










body part

lucky number



incense/essential oil

tarot card



scarlet, carmine red chestnut brown, wine red

granate, blood coral, beryl, tiger-eye, ruby

snake, eagle, scorpion and other reptiles,

insects, shellfish

thistle, poisonous and medical plants

Germany, Algeria, Norway, Morocco


sexual organs, intestines

2 and 4



alsem, aloŽ vera