General characteristics of the sign Sagittarius.

Sagittarius love to live in the open-air and of adventure. They are sports people, physically and mentally. They love an honest game. Body movement is for them very important, especially in the open-air. Many Sagittarius are searching for the deeper meaning of life, also in religion. They take an active part in the spiritual but also in the material life. They can be philosophical, religious and spiritual, but they donít believe just like that: they need proof. They love to reflect, to delve themselves into the deeper sense of living, in the source of good and evil, in the destination of themselves and others. But they can also defend their ideas very fanatically. They love to argue and discuss, always want to tell others how to do things. They love to read, to acquire wisdom and insight. They are inquisitive to everything. They also love foreign countries, travelling, languages and strangers. Can have relationships with foreigners. Sagittarius are often the ones who emigrate. They can be discoverers. Nothing can stop them, they donít know fear, and they donít care about dangers. They are rebels, daredevils, gamblers and adventurers. They are restless and dynamic, love action, company and a lot of different people, but they donít have strong ties. They are propagandists, educators, they know everything better and can be very cocky. They are rich of spirit and soul, not always easy to live with. They have many things to offer to people who understand them. They can be obstructionists, to torment and tease, are often tactless, can hurt someone under the guise of a joke, feel sorry about it later on, they didnít mean it like that. They can exaggerate enormously, make a mountain out of a molehill. Also they are often hypocritical, optimistic and overconfident, but also welcoming and generous. They can throw money away and then complain that there is no more money left. They love a fair game, for them it is the tension that counts. They always do things their own way. They must always convert others. They are teachers, propagandists, missionaries, sportsmen, hunters, travellers, they cannot stay at home, (are restless) they must go out!! They want to carry out immediately what they think of, often premature and go at it through thick and thin. They can do things that they are not really suitable for, this has to do with overestimation. But that does not stop them. Pursuing the aim is more important than achievement of it. They have a considerable education. They are also very protective of animals, they especially love horses and dogs very much and like to participate in hunting. They are real flirts, always out for conquests and if you comply, then the game is over for them and you are no longer interesting. They are restless, hot-headed, impatient, and premature in their behaviour, assured, indiscreet and impertinent. They think they can be allowed to do anything. In company they start the conversation and keep at it. They must talk, find the opinion of others terribly important, but they have problems listening to others. When someone speaks, they consider in the meantime what to answer back, and then they take over the conversation impatiently, without having listened to the other too well. To leave the other person in peace is almost impossible for them, they must let their thoughts and ideas get through. They always speak fanatically and he who does not go along or does not listen to them will hear about it. Sagittarius are often intolerant, they like speaking ill (gossip), they always need a target to aim at. For this reason they pay no attention to the points of view of others. They always have another aim, start another action all over again. Many Sagittarius live in the country or outside the city. They love everything that has to do with nature, also at home. They will have many plants and flowers in and round the house. In their action they are relaxed they don't live according to ethics. They like to wear casual clothes and want to be free. Sagittarius will almost never do the same work, they like alternation, also in the workforce. The biggest handicap for Sagittarius is their need for freedom. They have difficulty to adapt to fixed rules and standards. In their boundless optimism they are convinced that all will go well. Because of this they do things in which they can endanger themselves and others. They have no problems in telling others to their faces what they think in the presence of others, they can discuss their domestic worries with people who have nothing to do with it, which is a big irritation to the partner or family. It makes no difference to them what others think or say.


Professionally, Sagittarius are best suited for work with nature. As a forester, travel leader or guide. Also a profession in which they can work with animals such as, veterinary surgeon, horse breeding, horse sport, animal trader or work in a pound. They need a profession that gives them freedom, e.g.. Representatives and maintenance engineer. They are well suited for a propagandist profession; they make propaganda for things their whole life. You will come across them as writers, also ascendant Sagittarius. You recognise them for their cordial gestures, their impressive figure. They are idealistic, want to throw themselves into action for an aim, e.g. Animal Welfare or World Wildlife Fund. They want to help animals in need. They can do anything and learn everything and like to mingle with intelligent people. They always bring life to the party, whether you like to or not you have to laugh about them.


The health of Sagittarius.

Sagittarius are often strong, are able to exert themselves well. There are two types of Sagittarius, slim or rather corpulent who suffer from obesity. These Sagittarius can demand too much of their spinal column, as a result; back complaints and sciatica. They must pay attention to their diet and especially watch out for liver disorders. The weak places of Sagittarius are the skeleton (vertebra, thighbone, collarbone), the muscles and the liver. Also they are liable to food poisoning. They are by nature rather extravagant and their way of life makes it hard for the liver. Thatís why they can suffer from colic of the liver, but also from nausea and vomit inclination. They must stick to a balanced diet. Gallstones and bladder infection also occurs. Sagittarius must use fresh food and always use pure drinking water, especially on holidays. Furthermore they must be careful with eating shellfish. Their spinal column is weak, the lower lumbar region and those of the sacrum are especially vulnerable. The wrong sport can lead to hernia and sciatica. Recklessness is the main cause of most of their complaints. The secretion of urine acid is another worry. This deposit itself in the joints and particularly in those of the feet. Inflammation of the feet joints can lead to extreme pain. Especially in and around the large toe. They must avoid food which contain urine acid. Sagittarius have a strongly developed muscular system. Especially in the limbs. They can get problems with these if they do not warm up at first before strenuous exertions or if they overdo things. This can lead to cramps, strained or even tearing of the muscles. Obesity is also a problem for Sagittarius. Excess fat deposits itself mainly around the hips and the buttocks. They must do sport to get rid of this. They can also have problems with allergies, i.e. skin disorders, caused by a dysfunctional liver. Holiday is good for Sagittarius, because they canít live without adventure. They have a need to a change of surroundings, to throw themselves into an adventure and interesting experiences. A successful holiday makes their bodies resistant against stress but also against influenza. During the holiday they recoup one's losses of the whole year. They love water, they could sail, water-skiing, or dive. Sagittarius needs Sun, the sea and pure air. They are good in swimming, in water polo, windsurfing or sailing. Also they can excel in soccer or running. But they must be careful not to overdo it because they are prone to sport injuries. There are also some other specific complaints, depression, stress, glandular fever and lung complaints.


What makes a Sagittarius feel better:

By carrying an amethyst as a jewel, these work beneficially for a Sagittarius for depressions and gives inner peace. A small bundle of violets on the table, or burn essential oil in which this flower has been processed. To drink tea of dandelion carrot. To walk a lot and ride a horse. To avoid heavy food (meat, cabbage plants). Regularly eat carbohydrates, citrus fruits and salads.


External characteristics:

A strong and healthy body, high forehead, blue/grey or hazelnut coloured small eyes. Straight nose, pale complexion, chestnut-brown to fair hair. Open and friendly glance, broad hips, inclination to be corpulent at a later age.



Teacher, writer, lawyer, solicitor, priest, guide, philosopher, forester, shepherd, game warden, travel leader, horse trainer/ breeder, veterinary surgeon, asylum administrator, mechanic, policeman on a horse. Farming expert, estate agent, animal trader, representative, and propagandist. Professions where intellectual capacities and freedom can express themselves.


Love life:

Sagittarius loves to flirt, they want to have many romances in his life. But mostly these do not last very long, and then he points his arrow to somebody else. Furthermore, he loves his freedom and will not bind himself easily. Real love is more important than sex. He is rather a gadabout type, like to have a drink in a bar or play around with friends. Generally, Sagittarius does not marry young, he finds it necessary to have ďlivedĒ. The partner must be sincere and honest and above all intelligent and preferably also sport-loving. Sagittarius is passionate, freedom loving and at some point unfaithful or superficial.

Suitable life partner: Ram and Leo.









body part


lucky numbers



incense/essential oil

tarot card



olive, purple, dark orange

topaz, hyacinth agate, amethyst,

sapphire, sardonic


horse, dog, deer

pine tree, olive tree, beech, birch,

palm, heather, carnation,

thighbone, hips, spinal column, liver

Spain, Hungary, Arabia, Australia, Belgium

5 and 7


hunt, horse riding

aloe vera, nutmeg