General characteristics of the sign Pisces.

Pisces are directed strongly to the inner self. They are mystic and pensive but they also want to have contact with the outside. Generous to the core, they are able to make large sacrifices to a matter in which they believe. People come to them complaining about their problems because Pisces understand others very well. Many Pisces are barkeepers, often good barkeepers, because they are helpful, love socializing and want to help people. They can be very good at listening to the problems of others, understand a lot, sympathise, and have a good instinct. But they donít let this affect their life. If they donít feel like it, they throw their sensitivity overboard, just like that. They love eccentric things and sensationalism, are able to stir up sensation themselves. There movements are slow rather than fast. Fire signs can get annoyed at this. Earthly they are not, can be lazy, but when they are in their element, then they can move mountains. Also they can be indecisive, walking with their head in the clouds and so fail to notice many things. Pisces like to be alone, have a strong inner life, are able to withdraw within themselves, also in the company of others. They are sensitive, affectionate, altruistic, diligent, helpful, tolerant but also negligent, sentimental, depressed, fanatical, desperate and contradictory. They can be very changeable, also negative, plaintive and vague. Want to be free, canít handle a strong will. They suffer in silence, have problems shifting themselves. They think deeply about all kinds of profound often impractical problems, but they seldom solve them. Their inner nature is good, gentle and sweet. They can love intensely in a gentle romantic manner. They are hesitate in their behaviour and often vague in speech. They donít have the need to be clear. Their moods change quickly, they have typical and hard to understand qualities. Pisces can be musical geniuses, mediums, and spiritualists. They have a mystic nature. Many are paranormally gifted or have a good intuition. They identify themselves with everything around them, take the colour of their surroundings, and let themselves be swept away, participate in everything, and speak the language or a dialect of others in no time at all. They take over behavioural patterns, influences and feelings easily. They are unfathomable and incomprehensible. Often they are misunderstood, so they must find happiness within themselves. Generally they donít have much to say. Fish are creatures that make no sound. The extreme is what they love, like to be famous or be scorned, to live in luxury or poverty, they donít want to live according to the rules. Stimulation is what they need all the time to get into action. The impressions they give are of a lethargic nature, have slow movements, and are quickly out of breath. Mostly they emit a quiet radiation. They are idealistic, never ordinary; there is always something "strange" about Pisces. Pisces like playing a role, telling stories well but have a problem with the difference between the truth and a lie. Are able to imagine anything, an illness, and an imaginary love, to be somebody else. They can be silent for a long time, than talk for days on end. One moment they are very happy, the next very unhappy. This because of their strong emotional/inner life, thatís why they have a need for human contact. Also a great need for rest, peace and harmony. They can be artistic and be great artists. They are open for the opinions of others. Many Pisces donít want to receive a lot of attention but if they achieve something in the artistic area, then they appreciate it. They suffer from depressions, are hurt easily, withdraw themselves then. They are very emotional, are not able to hide or control their emotions, all of a sudden they can have enormous outburst of anger. They have big problems with inner uncertainty, of fears, crying or hysteria. They have the feeling that they canít handle things on their own. Arguments and tensions upsets them, for this reason they distort the truth sometimes. Inner conflicts occur many times with Pisces, but they can grow above this and they can reach a condition of peace and happiness. We call that a sort of "enlightening". They donít feel very much at home in this world, thatís why they create their own dream world. They have a fear of losing people they love, thatís why they can cling to them, lose the loved one because of that. Looking after their business they are often lax and even lazy. They are actors, can get things done by others. They can manipulate others by acting the martyr, letting others know how much they suffer. Bring up their health if there is something they don't like doing. They can make others feel that they have done something wrong to them not by words, but by their behaviour or by their look. If they have a problem in making contacts, they can withdraw themselves from the world or become everybody's friends. This comes out of fear of not being accepted. They do a lot for their friends, are not critical enough, can be deceived easily. They love romantic festivals, especially old-fashioned ballroom festivals, where they can wear their most beautiful clothes. They are very charming with guests if they know them and feel at home. If they are strangers, then they can be timid and be afraid of making a wrong impression. They are very happy having dinner in romantic surroundings, in the company of a romantic person, with candlelight and beautiful soft music. Then they are in their element. They wonít go out by themselves, they need company. Pisces can be stout or very thin, they often have full lips and big eyes. They must watch out for addiction; spirits drugs, cigarettes etc.


The health of Pisces.

Pisces have problems with their feet. If Pisces are not in their element, they can see a doctor every other minute, mostly with small complaints, more chronic than acute complaints. They are susceptible to nervous disorders and suffer from indigestion. As long as they live Pisces can have problems with their feet, never able to find good shoes. In the winter they have cold feet, in the summer swollen feet. This comes about because of bad functioning of the lymph nodes. They should walk a considerable length every day. Also complains of bloated feelings, corpulently, swellings of lymph nodes with the smallest infections. Especially in winter they can have problems with their throat and ears, seemingly without a cause. If their life is pleasant, Pisces are in their element, but as soon as something goes wrong, (even a small illness) it is an immediate disaster for Pisces. It then masters their complete thought-process. In generally their humour is good, but with the changing of the seasons they suffer with depressions, also from insomnia. Pisces have to diet, but they must not overdo it. They must avoid carbohydrates, fat and food which are rich in uric acid. Must drink a lot of water and use little salt. They should take care about their lungs, with cold and influenza use medicines. Also problems with skin disorders because of bad eating habits. Concerning their holidays; Pisces are fond of comfort, they love the sun and like to have many friends around them. In the holidays they must walk and swim a lot. They feel good in the water. A holiday in a club is very good for Pisces. Preferably a club of good standing. If a holiday centre pleases them there is a chance that they will go there more often. A holiday at a sea-side is the best for Pisces, sea air with much iodine is the best. They canít skip holidays because they need that very much. Especially for a better resistant against influenza and cold. Pisces are susceptible to psychosomatic sicknesses. Vulnerable also are their stomach and bowels. They must watch out for alcohol, tobacco and other addictive substances. They can have problems with piles, high blood pressure and hearing disorder.


What makes Pisces feel better:

By wearing an opal as a jewel, these stones stimulates the capacity to go out into the world, it makes it also easier to shut out negative influences from the surroundings. A small bunch of jasmine on the table, or burn essential oil in which jasmine is processed. Regularly drink green tea, frequently eat hotchpotch, spinach and apples. Regular fasting especially in the early spring, to get rid of impurities. Visit a sauna regularly and keep the feet warm. Uses a foot massage bath.


External characteristics of Pisces:

Heavy, stocky, pale grey eyes, mat complexion, inclination to double chin, round shoulders, short arms/legs, bowed pose, silky hair.



Dancer, poet, writer, actor, nurse, doctor, priest, barkeeper, prison keeper, social worker, artist, singer, musician, fisherman. Professions in the oil-industry or chemistry, assistant, alternative medicine and art in every way.


Love life:

Pisces really needs a partner. Are as happy as can be in a family life. He has much love to give, but requires that in return also. He has the inclination to idealise partners, in which he gets disappointed eventually. If a Pisces does not get enough love, he can search for it somewhere else. He cannot live without love. Has an average interest for sex. Can only give himself to someone if there is real love. He needs a romantic partner, one who gives him much love and attention. Is frequently blind to the faults of the partner. Pisces is romantic, erotic, tender, and sympathetic.

Suitable life partner: Cancer and Scorpio.











body parts

lucky numbers



incense/essential oil


tarot card

musical instrument


lilac, purple, violet, sea-green

amethyst, opal, green jasper,

white moonstone


fish, lizard, chameleon, jelly-fish,

and other water animals

autumn crocus, orchid, water-lily,

and other water plants

Portugal, Russia

feet, toes, lymph

2 and 6


diving, sailing

red storax, nutmeg


the Moon

violin (the sensitive string)