General characteristics of the sign Libra:

Libra are focussed on the other, the surroundings, and the company. They are social, honest, like to have contact with people. They are not very good at living alone. Are inclined to do what others want, to spoil the others and to get along with them. They have little willpower and perseverance. They can put themselves in somebody else's shoes, canít stand discord, want to keep the peace al the time. They want order and rule in their life and try to avoid unpleasant situations at any price and like to be honest. They become nervous by controversy and violence, canít live in disharmony and uncivilised surroundings. They have an aversion for ugly objects, rough language, bad manners and inappropriate colours. They love having others do things for them, like be spoiled and always have someone around who will do the dirty and nasty jobs for them. It is their charming nature that gets away with it. They stand up for those who have been treated wrongly. They are very good defenders, adjudicators, and mediators. They can bring parties together again. They are balance-seekers, make compromises gladly and speak through their hearts, not only emotionally but also intellectually. They donít condemn, they are peacemakers. They are always pleasant and polite, of good will and give in easily, but they are not always real. They can say one thing, but mean something else. They talk around a subject but they never say what they really want. They love material goods, are good in arranging a house and have good taste. It comes out in the feeling for colours and proportions. They love beautiful things, have an eye for quality; only want to buy the most expensive and best things. They also love physical beauty; a partner must be especially good looking and be a "somebody". Many Libras are mannequins. They love a quiet and pleasant life, can be artistic, often play piano or violin and love flower arrangements. They like to talk and negotiate, consider things, reconsider, exchange views/ideas. A Libra has difficulties in making decisions, must always weigh one's words, must always compare. They are always in company, can walk along with anybody, especially with those who are wealthy or who are "important". But they also need time for themselves. Music is very important for Libra, they love it and it gives them energy and inner balance. They also love beautiful soft colours. They lack self-confidence, always need a pat on the back, always need to be encouraged and when that does not happen, they become uncertain and depressed. They are never aggressive but can be quite negative. They need confirmation constantly. That uncertainty comes to the fore especially if they have to make a decision. They canít make decisions and canít choose. They attach too much importance to material things, and therefore neglect the intellectual life. Itís easy to flatter them; they canít stand criticism, especially not from their friends. Of all the signs Libra are the ones who can enjoy life the most. They are very pleasant people to get along with. They can sacrifice themselves to keep the peace and approach people with kindness. They donít lack friends, are generally popular. They always looks well, are generally good looking, might have a dimple in the chin or in the cheeks. They are charming and quickly become the centre of attention in a group. They love flirting and showing themselves off. They are very good in taking the initiative in a relationship. They love getting attention and are the life of a party. One of their big fears is not being accepted by others, itís terrible for them when they are ignored. If they can hang around whilst visiting someone, then they are in their element. Libra uses their charms to reach their aim. They can make you fall in love with them to get what they want. They can also let others do things that they dare not do themselves. Then they can make a helpless impression but in the meantime everything gets done. They never quarrel but will let a person know, in a sensitive way, that they are not happy.


In a profession, Libra need work in which they can be creative.

A profession that has to do with acting, which would suit them, or working with soft beautiful material. They can also have talent in the musical area. They are very suitable for work in which they can express their charms. Such as hostess or host, T.V.- announcer, guide or receptionist in i.e. a hotel. Also for professions which have to do with appearances, i.e. beauty care, plastic surgery, make-up artist, or the making of beautiful hairpieces, and of course also in professions in which they can mediate. They are very hospitable, and tend to spoil their guests. What they like the most is having dinner outside, be well dressed, show them off, to be served, preferably with a good-looking partner, and rather in a restaurant where you can meet important or well-known people. They also love to go to openings. They feel themselves at ease everywhere. They love to flirt and being in love. That is very important for Libra.


The health of Libra.

Libra's weakest spots are the eyes, the kidneys, and they can suffer from gout, cold on the bladder, kidney inflammation, migraine, and problems with blood circulation. Eczema and allergy can also occur. The bladder is one of the most sensitive parts of Libra, they must watch out for inflammation and cold. They always have to dress themselves warmly, after swimming they have to immediately put on dry clothes. The kidneys are also rather sensitive; the best advice is to drink a lot. If they have problems with kidney stones they should not go on bicycles or drive a car. The lumbar spine is very vulnerable too, they must be careful in the sports area as well. Libra is sensitive for draught. Because of this they can easily get a throat or ear inflammation. By cold weather or heavy wind they should wear a scarf, or put up their collar. If they get too tired Libra can get into trouble with intestinal/abdominal disorders. They must eat lots of fresh food. The thyroid gland can be also a weak place as well as the genital organs. They can suffer from depression and canít see the light of day from time to time. If they get love and attention, this can pass quickly. Libra can suffer if there is no LOVE in their life. Furthermore they can have problems with allergies, they must give attention to good food and drink much water. They have to look after their skin with ordinary water. Libra doesnít give too much attention to food; relationships and parties are more important. Itís better not to use salt but diet salt. Because Libra are easily tired, they have to use food which are rich in vitamin C. They need lots of fresh air, no tiring body movements and a lot of optimism. They must watch out for cosmetic remedies, this can cause skin problems. Lots of sleep and rest is a must. Holiday is especially good to live it up. By having a good holiday they can handle stress and influenza in a better way, and they get a better mental balance. Libra needs the sun and especially contact with others. They have to spend holidays in warm regions, preferably in a club link. With older people it is better to choose the holiday destination in a health resort for their kidneys. Libra must be especially careful with food in the holidays. The sport which suits Libra the best is: dancing and figure skating, at least if they can show discipline. They must walk and swim a lot, but must not overdo it.


What makes a Libra feel better:

By wearing a turquoise. Put a Gardenia on the table, or burn essential oil in which Gardenia has been processed. Regular drink green tea. Frequently eat white and brown beans but also carrots. Daily drink 2 litres mineral water. Eat hot food as little as possible.


External characteristic:

Often a beautiful body, tall and slim. Generally dark hair and dark eyes, straight nose, an honest and open glance. Harmonious facial features. Dimple in the chin or cheeks.



Violist, hairdresser, jeweller, diplomat, actor, receptionist, auctioneer, appraiser, hostess, make-up artist, TV announcer, photographic model, plastic surgeon, artist, guide, lawyer, judge. Employment agency, marriage bureau, beauty specialist, ballet dancer. Salesman of luxuriously articles or home furnishing. Professions where beauty and contractual qualities play a role.


Love life:

It is not easy for Libra to live alone, they need somebody else to feel happy, need a lot of attention and compliments, want to be desired most of the time and to be attached and adored. Libra will find another lover if there is a quarrel and disharmony or when the attention to the relationship diminishes. Libra has the inclination to spoil the loved one. They love to have a partner who is wealthy, because they need much for themselves, loves luxury, beautiful things, nice and expensive food and especially beautiful clothes.

Libra are condescending, even-tempered, elusive, need harmonious relationships, are attentive in love, but not always faithful.

Suitable life partner: Gemini and Aquarius.










lucky number



incense/essential oil

tarot card



bright green, pink

jade, emerald, turquoise, adventuring

deer, nightingale, dove, lizard, snake

wild berry, violet, lily of the valley,

white lilac, lilies

Austria, Egypt

lumber region, kidneys, gall bladder, liver


6 and 9



wild thyme, resin, saffron