General characteristics of the sign Leo.

Leo are often royal in their manners and impressive in their behaviour. Their body is usually large and broad, the voice is strong and has somewhat commanding. Leo are brave, very vain, love pomp and circumstance, gold and jewellery. They are independent; their motto is "I am who I am". They speak a bit patronizingly, love to be praised and to be honoured. Their biggest weakness is the great faith in their own superiority and strength. They want be the best, want attention, have a strong will, possess dignity and tell you what to do. They are rather bossy, are the centre of attention at a party. Possess a strong charisma and optimism; always see the bright sides of things. They are never narrow-minded or sneaky, often very generous. They love to be loved and they are because of that. Leo are passionate, warm-blooded and strong-willed, resolute but also insistent. They don't let anyone ride roughshod over them, need special treatment and above all many compliments. They have a warm personality with much self-confidence, in this they go often too far. They donít like to do nasty things. Are never miserly, rather generous, playful and dramatic. Physically they are very strong, also have deep feelings, they canít stand to lose face. Lions are born leaders and for that they need people who need guidance, who look up to them. They want reach a high place in several intellectual, social or political rings. They have good developed organizational skills. Leo can be very hard, sharp and cold. Let nothing stand in their way, but they are also sincere and faithful. You can never say that they are sneaky. They will never deceive others and if they are deceived themselves, they will be surprised but if the other shows remorse, they will forgive generously. They need to be polished, caressed and admired, and if this does not happen voluntary, they will insist by showing off and persuade others how good they are. Contact with lions can be very enriching, if you can take them as they are, with their many virtues and vices. One can count on Leo if you need them. They have a strong feeling of justice, possess joy in life and are courageous. They are honest, canít stand fraud will always stand up for those who treated unjustly. They radiate a positive vitality, are able to influence others in a positive way. They love life, want others to enjoy in this too. Their mood is generally cheerful, angry moods never last long. When a Leo enters, they immediately become the centre of attention because they radiate warmth. They have a certain air, let themselves served like a king. They are always in important places, where everyone can see them. If Mercury also stands in Leo, it is possible that they can make splendid speeches, which can make an impression, even if the contents do not present much. They impress others by beautiful words and gestures, by their clothes and jewellery. They have an air of ďdo you know who I am?Ē They use this attitude also in shops, restaurants and other places, especially when the service is not so good. If a Leo is happy, they are warm and pleasant to be. They belong to the lazy signs such as: Taurus, Libra and Pisces. Leo love self-expression and creativity. They are very handy at making anything, but do not always finish everything.


Concerning work; Leo needs work in which they can organise. They are quick to see how things works, are able to make quick decisions. They like recognition for their work, and donít like to work behind the screens. They participate gladly in large projects, and want publicity; they would like to be well known. They prefer work that gives them a certain standing and by witch they donít have to make themselves dirty. Leo is in their element being a goldsmith or a jeweller. You can find them also in banking as a director or at least as a manager. Leo are in their element in all kinds of social activities and are of course the centre of the group. They love when people look up to them. In general, Leo are dress well in public. They love nice food in expensive restaurants. If they give a dinner at home, you can be sure that it is all well done and that the food is delicious. They also like to go to openings of concerts, exhibitions or films. Leo only travels in a comfortable way. They prefer to stay in an expensive hotel. In the sports area Leo wants to excel. They are better in solo-sports than in a group sports, then they are most notable.


The health of Leo.

Leo does not often show their sicknesses. They generally suffer in silence. Their weakest point is there spinal column. They are susceptible to gout and the blood circulation can function badly. They must pay attention to their blood pressure and avoid nervous exhaustion. From shame, Leo can keep their sickness a secret for a long time, or do the opposite, exaggerate the smallest complaint. Some Leoís hide a heart condition from everybody for many years. The behaviour of Leo towards sickness depends on the circumstances in which they live. If, because of their work, family or prestige they must show a strong vitality, they will ignore any sickness. But if they can use their sicknesses to manipulate their surroundings they will do that. The weakest place for a Leo is the heart, the blood vessels, the spinal column and the spinal cord. Not only sun in Leo suffers from this, but also people with ascendant Leo. Leo have a sensitive heart. The smallest irritation or the least excitement can start the heart fluttering. Palpitations can often happen and are unpleasant but usually not serious. They can occur in the form of fast pulsations or extra beats of the hart. They cause a pinched feeling in the heart region. The best way to prevent these palpitations is to stay calm and not get too excited. There are also medicinal plants, which can bring a nervous heart to rest. Leo have to watch out for high blood pressure. This results with the heart doing overtime, consequently the heart will be unable function properly. Leo must check their blood pressure regularly and avoid everything that can lead to the increase of this. They must control their nervousness and use little salt. Must take sufficient rest after work and not skip holidays. They need to let the wind play with their manes, far from every day worries. Leo needs sunlight and rest. Want to be number one; therefore they will not take part in a party group travel. They would rather stay in a 5 star hotel than go camping. Besides their need for the sun, Leo also needs vitamin C. For there own sake itís best if they go to regions where fruit is in abundance. Mountains are not good for them; they are bad for their heart, also a wet climate. They need much sun, enough rest and piles of books. Sports that ask for effort from the heart should also be avoided, so, donít climb mountains. Competition sports are not good for them either. Leo wants to excel and for this reason its better to be a coach or a referee. They must do things calmly and quietly, not excite themselves too much, keep the blood pure and reduce fever with medicines.


What makes a Leo feel better:

By carrying a diamond, this will makes them noble. Put a cyclamen on the table, or burn essential oil in which cyclamen has been processed. Regularly drink tea of marigold. Cooperate more with others, don't do everything alone. Practise yoga daily, walk regularly. Eat nuts, lentils and other legumes.


External characteristics:

Strong and impressive body, wide shouldered, large upper part of the body, blond hair, big eyes, round face, pink skin colour, strong chin, commanding voice and glance.



Director, public relations, official, business manager, professional sportsman, goldsmith, jeweller, teacher, banker, actor. Professions with executive functions.


Love life:

Leo is passionate and warm-blooded. As long as others continue to treat him with respect, he is a faithful friend and partner. Leo wants to do everything to make the partner happy and demands the partner for him alone. He wants to show the partner off and if he is very dominant, he will try to use the partner as a slave inside the home. Leo wants to be the boss and can react very jealously when the partner occupies himself with others. He prefers to have a partner who is well off and good looking. Leo requires gratitude and respect from the other. He never lets himself to be humiliated. Friendship and warm affection are important. Lion can quickly become disappointed in the partner.

Suitable life partner: Ram and Sagittarius.












body part

lucky number



incense/essential oil

tarot card



gold, yellow gold, orange

quartz, amber crystal, cornelian, yellow diamond


lion, tiger and other catlike animals,

all beasts of prey

acacia, laurel, grapevine, sunflower, mimosa, marigold

Italy, France, (live like God in France) California

heart, lower back, centre of the vertebrae

8 and 9



resin, mastic