General characteristics of the sign Gemini.

Gemini represents ideas, to think, intellect, communication, also exchanging ideas. They adjust easily, are very changeable, they have a muddled mind, are unable to make a choice, and are full of doubts and uncertainties. They have a lively intelligence, diverted unfortunately in many directions. That makes them unfathomable, mysterious and for many also a bit peculiar. They have an inherit feeling for words and are tactful. With their vocabulary they want to gauge others but they never show themselves. They canít reach out to their own feelings, they are too intellectual. They have an excellent intellect, understand rapidly, are curious, want to know a lot, learn quickly and what they have learned will pass on to others. They can't figure out most things in depth, for that they are too superficial. They are not really thorough but many-sided. They are genuine people in company and others profit by it, because they always liven things up. If you sit at the table with a Gemini, your evening will never be boring. They have a feel for humour, love to make jokes and to keep people occupied. Their main fault is instability, variableness, inconstant, restlessness and superficiality. Gemini can put things into perspective as well, they can argue problems without showing their feelings. They talk with their arms and legs, are very handy, bright, alert. Lively and pleasant as they are, they are able to talk themselves out of trouble. They like to learn something within a limited time; a long-term study is nothing for Gemini. They love to play games, and have a childish bent. Gemini canít stand frustrated and slow thinking or dreamy people who reason illogically. They want to know a lot, the quantity of knowledge is for them more important than the contents. They like company, and to have people show an interest in them. They are notable by the pleasant way they handle others and are very good in imitating others. They love variation and change. They are at their best if they can freely express their thoughts. They are full of good plans which they want to carry out soon as possible. They need a Ram to realise this. Ram completes them; they both are fast thinkers and both like new things. Ram can urge Gemini; pass on resources to implement the plans. Gemini knows at first sight who the other is. They have a good instinct but do not always listen to that, they are rather frightened of that. They can consider matters objectively. Are able to solve the problems of others very well. They are skilful with their hands, what their eyes see their hands will make. The big mistake of Gemini makes is to split up their talents because they are continuously busy with several things at the same time. They must learn to overcome their egoism, also their superficiality. They are frequently light-hearted, cool and contemplative and blow with all winds. Their moods changes rapidly also. Gemini means a split personality, when they say yes it probably means no, one moment they go agree with one and at another moment go along with the other. They can also be very critical against life. Bringing forward the negative things, to be enormously annoyed over everything. They are generally busy with their self-interest. Gemini always need somebody else, no matter how self-assertive and independent they seem to be. Deep in their hearts they need the support of others. They are less certain of themselves then they seem to be. Itís a pity that they see so many faults in others which they donít want to see of themselves.


Gemini need alternative work in which they can move about a lot. To work where they can use their brains, and where they can show their skills. They are also good in passing on knowledge or in speaking different languages, because they are good in languages. Gemini are so versatile that they are suitable for all kinds of professions. They can also change jobs many times, because they love change. They want more than one post, prefer to be in two places at the same time, want to undertake more than one thing at the same time. Their under-standing and movements are rapid. Everything they do must be finished quickly, they have no patience. They are full of humour and jokes, especially humour of the language. They make friends and relationships around the world. They have friends and acquaintances in every aspect of life. They are pleasant and sociable with everyone, if only they are allowed to talk. They make new friend-ships easily and just as easily let go of them. They require and give freedom and always bring something light-hearted into other lives.


The health of Gemini.

The sign Gemini controls the lungs, the arms, the shoulders, the hands and nerves. The main problems are disorders of these organs. Also disturbances of the sexual functions. Gemini have a strong sensitivity for the bronchial tubes and the lungs, also for viruses, influenza, bacteria sicknesses, tuberculosis and allergy disorders. They canít stand smoke and exhaust fumes. They must do frequent breathing exercises and much body movement; swim and outside sports. They must be vaccinated on time against influenza. It is better not to smoke. They sometimes have pain in the shoulders, inflammation around the shoulder joint. A disorder that can also occur is a tennis elbow. This is a disorder of the tendon. They can also have trouble with paresthesy. This is a tingling in the limbs. This is very unpleasant, itís like if there is an army of ants marching over the skin. This can arise from several causes, disorder in blood circulation, lack of vitamins or nerve disorders. They can prevent this by taking vitamin B. Gemini have weak nerves, are liable to nerve disorders, phobia, depressions. They need someone they trust to pour out their heart from time to time. They have the inclination to keep problems to themselves. Gemini need holidays in which they are free from care, where their lungs can strengthen and where they can be in the sun, not too warm, that is not good for them. It must be a country with a moderate temperature. Gemini must not study too long, this is not good for their nervous system. They must no take too much on their plate, that makes them overtired. Furthermore itís possible that they have a lazy liver, a swollen feeling, constipation, inflammation, hair problems, hyperventilation, colds and corns.


What makes a Gemini feel better:

By carrying a crystal, this works to purify and is good for the health. Put Acacia flowers on the table, or burn these in essential oil. Eat cheese, peas, cauliflower, pineapple, berries, almonds and summer carrots. They should surround themselves with restful colours such as light yellow or dark green.


External characteristics:

Long, straight and slim figure. Small face, bowed nose. Sharp and penetrating eyes. Swinging movements of arms and legs during walking.



Journalist, interpreter, lawyer, secretary, shipping agent, broker, trader, writer, telephone operator, salesman, driver, actor, artist, juggler, magician, entertainer. Professions that have to do with manual skill, travel and communication.


Love life:

Sexuality plays a large role in the life of the Gemini. Quick to fall in love, but that is soon over too. Itís more for the game than for the person. Superficiality in love and sexuality is often the case with Gemini. A Gemini is exactly a Don Juan, seduces to his heart content, but donít know what to do with the fish when it takes the bait. Flirting is a great hobby for him, he knows how to make a pass at people like no other. It is an exciting game for him to get someone in bed as soon as possible. Thatís why he changes partners so often. Sexuality for him has nothing to do with love. A Gemini has no problem with unfaithfulness. He is the most unfaithful sign of the zodiac. He needs a partner who has a liberal mind, one who is fascinating and offers him freedom. Gemini loves cosiness, is entertaining, unconditional, and is able to have unstable relationships. Suitable life partner: Libra and Aquarius.










body part

lucky number



incense/essential oil

tarot card



soft yellow, yellow brown, blue grey

citrien, crystal, yellow beryl


mouse, snake, swallow, many-coloured birds

finely branched plants, thin trees, gardenia,

lily-of-the-valley, lavender, gardenia

Belgium, Greece, United States of America

shoulders, long arms and legs

5 and 9



spirea, mastic, cinnamon

the lovers