General characteristics of the sign Cancer.

Cancer live in a foaming sea of emotions, it carries them along like the tide. But they can hide this very well. They are very emotional, acting instinctively. They want to nourish and protect. Are reserved, also timid, Cancers are easily hurt, long to feel safe and love cosiness, want to feel secure and are clingy. They cling a lot to the past, positively and negatively, give much to people and understand a lot. They do their daily tasks with calm tenacity. They sense a certain atmosphere well, have a talent for mystic matter. They live on the border of two worlds, feelings and reason. Their speech is precise, go there way carefully. Generally they are sensible sometimes merciless but never reckless and they have a big sense of duty. They can throw themselves into their work with great deter-mination. If they have something in their head, they canít deviate themselves from it. They donít want to work behind the scenes because they have a great need for appreciation and recognition. In spite of their shyness they like to have attention. Never neglect Cancer or overlook them. They can be pessimistic, greedy, dissatisfied, hyper sensitive and anxious, moody, melancholy, unpredictable, unbalanced, sentimental and hesitating. They collect and keep everything, hang onto the past and are frightened of the new. Cancer has many good but also less good qualities. They hurt easily, and are quick to take offence, are very moody and short-tempered and canít forgive easily and stay sulking, and they keep bringing up old grudges. They spoil and protect what they have and hide it from others. They can't part with their belongings. They are not really direct, can look past you and give vague answers. They want to hide their vulnerability, sensitivity and emotions. Thatís why it can be difficult to get along well with Cancer. They have an inclination to self-pity, are dreamers, suffer from nightmares, and worry too much. But Cancer also loves life, not only family life, but also social life with friends and contacts. Cancer has large sharp pincers, what they have in their claws they donít let go. The moon (planet of Cancer) makes them lazy, changeable and touchy. Each word that is pronounced a bit to harshly they can feel it as an attack, to them, things seem more terrible then they really are. They don't like critic, but are able to be critical themselves. When they become angry, they carry on like nobody's business but regret it later on. They can also hide their sensitivity behind a mask of nonchalance and have a big fear for loneliness. You canít easily get to know a Cancer, you have to be very patience with that. They expose themselves if they trust someone completely. They clam up immediately if others hurt them or if they say something painful. They identify themselves with everything around them, they will always sympathise with you, feel compassion and enjoyment. They have the inclination to idealise the past, especially the parental home. If they find life boring, they escape into a beautiful novel or film. They understand people very well, nothing human is unfamiliar for them. For that reason they can generally act well, they like to imitate others. Cancer also love to roam, to go somewhere without a plan. With a rucksack, on foot, on the bicycle, but preferably in a caravan, take the home with you. Travelling wonderfully from one place to another. Cancer also loves traditional feasts, like Christmas, Easter and Pentecost, the also like rituals and folklore. Female Cancer women are often real housewives, everything in the house has value, and they find it hard to give up things, because they have a feeling for everything. For this reason there is always atmosphere in the house of a Cancer female. They keep everything, they can use everything, and they have a sociable creativity, they often make the most beautiful things.


Concerning work; Cancer needs work in which they can do something for other people, in which they can service to others, for example help people in need, the care and education of children. Also domestic and catering professions are suitable. They need traditional work, like a stable work situation. Continuing changes in the work area makes Cancer nervous, because they want to know where they are up to. By their interest in old things, they are very good in history or selling antique. Cancer also are in their element in an arty profession, because they can be very artistic. Cancer needs financial certainty. Therefore their profession must yield a fixed income. Cancer has a sense of duty, thatís why they do their work well. They are generous and pleasant, have a good memory, can be a bit shy, and little self-confidence. They are generally not difficult to get along with, adjust easily, they take things as they come and handle everything well. For this reason they have outbursts of anger or rage attacks, they need to unload themselves from time to time, if they donít they get stomach complaints. Those who live together with a Cancer must understand this, let them get over there moods, it will be soon over and it saves their health. They love good food, canít throw away anything, they are like dustbins sometimes, they eat everything. Their taste is simple, in things but also in clothing. They love being at home, Cancers are sweet, pleasant to get along with, also modest, but don't neglect them.


The health of Cancer.

Cancers are weak by their susceptibility of influences from the outside. Their stomachs are their weakest places, for this reason they must always eat fresh and well-cooked food. They canít use anything which can cause fermentation. Donít drink too much alcohol. Worries, fear, mental overloading gives trouble in the digestive system. They must be careful not to cool off too quickly. With depressions or not being in a good condition, a change in the environment will do some good. A sea voyage would also be favourable. They shouldn't worry too much about their health, they have the inclination to imagine a disease. Furthermore they must watch out for medicines. A good advice for Cancer is: give attention to your health but don't make a drama of it. Chest, stomach, lymphatic system, the left eye and the digestive organs rules Cancer. Cancers are very susceptible for psychosomatic sicknesses. Just like Gemini, Cancers are susceptible for sicknesses of the bronchial tubes. They must do many breathing exercises, preferably in the open air or at an open window. Walk a lot and do outside sports. With influenza they should use a lot of vitamin c and should be vaccinated in time. With nervousness they suffer stomach-aches or stomach cramps. This can be caused by inflammation of the stomach lining; this could possibly become a stomach ulcer. Smoking and tensions are very bad for Cancer. They can suffer from throwing up because of nervousness they often a feeling of flatulence. Corpulence is also a problem for this sign. They often retain too much liquid. By violent emotions they are apt to faint. They can pass out by low blood pressure as well. They can have problems with saliva secretion, excessive perspiration, dizziness and difficulty in breathing. Also metabolism disorder, gland inflammation, piles and allergies. Cancer needs a holiday a couple of weeks per year, to completely relax and be themselves again. During the holiday, they must avoid tension. They need to be in their element; therefore a holiday on water will do them good. After every meal they must rest and during the holiday they have to do a lot of sport. Ready-made holidays are not good for Cancer. They must organise their own holidays. Otherwise they come back more tired than when they left. It is not good for them to go on holidays in high season, then is too busy.


What makes a Cancer feel better:

By carrying a moonstone. Some Moonstones have a milky spot that will change in form by the rising and waning moon. A bunch of lilac on the table, or burn essential lilac oil. Drink green tea regularly. Radish, winter radish, watercress and other spicy vegetables should be eaten. Regular exercises. Think positive!!!!


External characteristics:

A good proportioned and healthy body, high forehead, blue/grey or hazelnut coloured eyes. Straight nose, white complexion, chestnut or blond hair. Fresh and pleasant look, broad hips, inclination to be fat in later life.



Teacher, writer, jurist, lawyer, priest, guide, philosopher, forester, shepherd, game warder, travel leader, horse coach/breeder, veterinary surgeon, asylum administrator, fitter, police man on horse. Estate/land agent, animal trader, representative, propagandist. Professions witch come to the fore in their intellectual capacities.


Love live:

A Cancer does not throw himself in to a relationship immediately, first they consider if it is safe. When a relation has been achieved, he is very loving, homely and faithful. The family always comes first in the life of a Cancer. Generally he does not cohabit, in any case not for long. To be able to function sexually Cancer needs a romantic partner. He can soon feel lonely and alone. He also has a need for material certainty. Therefore the partner must give enough love, be materialistically secure and to want a family. In love Cancer is the mothering kind, emotional, intuitively, careful, and homely. The attention is aimed at the well being of the family.

Suitable life partner: Pisces and Scorpion.











lucky number



incense/essential oil

tarot card



olive green, sea green, white

white moonstone, pearl, emerald,

white chalcedony, serpentine, olivine


turtle, frog, hamster, shellfish, molluscs

pomegranate, melon, jasmine,

mushrooms, tomato

The Netherlands, Scotland

breasts, stomach region

3 and 7



hyssop, camphor, myrtle

the chariot