General characteristics of the sign Ram:

The sign Ram is a fire sign, the symbol of the beginning, the start, energy, progress, to take initiative. In nature this impulse becomes visible in the process of germinating seed. Ram are intuitive, they act from their inner self. They frequently bump their head, become wise through learning the hard way. But Ram are high-spirited, want to go somewhere, are brave and overconfident. Not easily daunted if something goes wrong. Want to pioneer and want to be the first. In General they would rather do something than to talk. Want to do everything themselves, they canít stand it if somebody else must do something for them. Thatís why they are so versatile. Ram give orders, are impatient, everything and everyone has to make haste, and everything must go fast. For this reason they think that they often have to wait, (that of course is not true). They have the need to protect the weak, to stand up for them, to encourage them to develop their strong side. They can be absorbed in psychology, are able to study all kinds of matter which have to do with human behaviour. Ram gladly spends their time on research and study, especially in unusual matters. They demand a lot from the body and mind, this could bring about nervous exhaustion. They must take care to finish things, to continue. They have an inclination to lose interest, to absorb themselves in other things. Ram must also learn to control themselves. To try to get their sudden anger under control. No matter who stands before them, they will throw their anger at them and then turn around and continue with what they were doing and forget all about it. They think that the other has forgotten also, but naturally this is not often the case. They are individuals. They are self-centred, very active, figure things out quickly, are alert, enthusiastic and independent, and they donít miss a thing. They have a strong feeling of self-respect, love dealings and to act as a leader to others. Ram is well known to be very impatient but in a lot of things they can to do things with infinite patience. A positive aspect of ram is: the courage and the strength to start again after a time of sadness or after setbacks. It is miraculous that they always discover something by which they can pick-up again where they left off. They throw themselves into something, give off themselves a hundred percent, and it looks as though nothing has happened and to pick up the threads again. The truth is: they generally work their problems out in new challenges. Like nature dies and comes back to life in spring, that is how ram makes a new spring for himself after a ďdyingĒ period. They think independently and it doesnít matter if others don't agree with them. They resist when others force them to do something. They are pleasant, warm and active. They give you a firm handshake and a spontaneous laugh. They see many possibilities for others also, happy to set up a business for another, and always have a good word to say for them, encourages others. Ram is not sly and will never be. Are not able to lie, what you see is what you get. Their movements are rapid and determined, their brain works exactly in this way. They can hit the nail on the head, that is their big strength. They have a strong intuition, their look is sharp and clear, are not afraid of anything, dare to undertake everything and go through thick and thin. You canít accuse them of idleness. They walk a bit bent over and are always in a hurry. You never see them walking sloppily, rather proud. Ram will not easy show their sorrow, if they do there is really something going on. Because they rather go under, than to show their weakness, you seldom see them real depressed, there is always hope. They frequently demand more of themselves, therefore they are at risk of overdoing things, high blood pressure, stomach ulcers, nervous breakdowns. But they can also be at peace, be wise and serious, work patiently and guarantees a good outcome. They love bright colours, of shocking ideas and burning feelings. If they think that someone needs them or appeals to them, they will offer immediate aid. Ram is too much aware of his own qualities (wrong!) have faith in themselves and gladly take command. They love to work, nothing is too much. They have a solution for every problem, if people let them be. They do not have much sympathy for "lazy people". They cannot stand having them around. By their enthusiasm they can carry others away with them. It is in their nature to have an aim in their life. They lack politeness, react fanatically. They donít want to hurt anybody on purpose and don't mind if they get a taste of their own medicine. They are definitely not vindictive.


It is better not to choose a job, which is restful, consideration, and steadfastness requires one to do the same work all the time. They need alternate work. Ram is always there where they can experience something new and exciting. They plan well, see things from all aspects, and are able to make other people enthusiastic over their plans. They are hopeful and optimistic, also pleasant and have a willingness to work. They are full of ideas and have a great sense of humour. They always have a fresh look about them. Ram throw themselves into an adventure, are enterprising, brave, passionate, fiery and are always resistant. They are suitable to branch out in many other directions but if everything runs smooth, the pleasure is no longer there. Generally they will start again somewhere else.


The health of Ram:

The head is the most vulnerable part of the Ram. It is thus necessary that they ensure sufficient natural (none artificial) sleep and mental and physical rest. They need peaceful, harmonious surroundings. Health suffers most from fear, too much effort from the brain, agitation, exaggeration, and irregular working hours, too little rest, disorder and long-term sorrow. They need food that feeds and reinforces the brain, but must eat animal products in small quantities, avoid irritability. Thus it is important that they have lots of fresh air, for example, by taking long walks. It is not good for them to read or work at night. Their teeth need regularly care from the dentist and dental hygienist. The bronchial tubes and the nose must be kept clean. They cannot neglect fever and must watch out for inflammation. The eyes are also a sensitive part to ram. It is recommended to let the eyes regularly examine by an oculist. If they want to deny it, Ram also needs a vacation. They need the sun, in the sun Ram can life without food. They fill their complete organism with ray of sun (shine) and store a stock for later. Therefore they must spend their holiday in a warm country. Ram has to a tough health, they are almost never sick or they say that they are never sick, because they have no patience and no time to be sick. But if they disappear in their bed and donít speak anymore, then they are really sick. But still you need an army to keep them in bed.


What makes a Ram feel better:

By carrying a Ruby as a jewel. The stone reinforces the perseverance. A small bundle of lavender on the table or the burning of essential oil lavender. Drink nettle tea daily, and two litres of spa water. Frequently use cucumber or other watery food. Regularly go to the sauna, swim, make time for rest, walk a lot in nature. Ram has a strong changing health, paired with acute complaints. Specific Ram complaints are; stress, migraine, headache, and signs of tiredness, inflamed eyes. They generally have a weak nervous system.


External characteristics:

Slender, strong, muscular, long narrow neck, high forehead. Tow-coloured, red or dark hair. Sharp, sharp eyed. Fast movement. Mark on the face.



Branch manager, missionary, manager, surgeon, psychiatrist, psychologist, officer, police, journalist, publicity consultant, radio/TV employee, trade union leader, mediator, profession sportsman, racecar driver. Professions for which nerve and energy are necessary. Also independent professions or functions with a large independence.


Love life:

A ram is well known for his burning feelings, but can be fairly self-controlled about sexuality. He gladly wants to take control and is very good at inventing things that works in renewing a relationship. If the partner doesn't cooperate he will get bored and will be looking for another partner. Ram also has the capacity to put sexual desires aside if that stands in the way of other things or aims. In a relationship he needs lots of freedom. A ram has the need for a lively partner. Love is a necessity of life and a sharing of love, affection and feelings are important. In his love life the ram is changeable, erotic and dominant. Frequently there is a changing in relationships. Suitable life partner: Leo and Sagittarius.










part of the body

lucky number




incense/essential oil

tarot card


Ram feast


bright red


jasper, ruby, grenade, chalcedony, carbuncle

sheep, wolfhound, eland, owl

pine, horsetail, tobacco, thistle narcissus, daisy, buttercup, geranium, peony, dahlia

America, Israel, England, Germany, Spain


1 and 9


motor racing, ball sports, skating, figure skating

brem, mire, aloŽ vera

the emperor