General characteristics of the sign Aquarius.

Aquarius are fine life partners, fraternal and intelligent. They wear their heart on the tongue. They radiate sympathy and have strong empathy; this makes them suitable for all professions which have to do with social contacts. They are not very practical, thatís why they can have problems with the material things in life. Aquarius are pure souls, they like to live in the spirit, have a quiet patient nature and are honest. Nothing is strange for them, they have a warm heart for people. They are independent, they rather live without ties, they also let the partner free. If they are faced with certain problems, they can hit the roof or get an outburst of anger. If the bad mood is over, they are able to listen to others. Aquarius are sincere, loyal, fair, inquisitive, ingenious but they can also act abrupt. They can upset people who donít know them really well. Can be very mocking and cynical, can say something straight from the shoulder, be critical, negative, nag and complain, not do what they promise, suffer from depressions, see everything in black-white. They can be enormously eccentric, donít care what people think They are sensitive by nature, but they donít always show it. You have to get to know them. Their inner self is very difficult to fathom. They are often brilliant, keep an eye on everything that happens around them, and know that everything is changing all the time. Thus they are not satisfied with existing situations, they always want change. They can suddenly switch their attitude and point of view, if they are aware of a new fact. Conservative people are not to their liking. That is, because these people have problems understanding the original ideas of Aquarius. The well being of humans touches their heart. They are idealistic, desire equal rights for everyone, to commit themselves for social aims. They are reformers, they want to make important improvements. They are open to new ideas, have that themselves and stimulate them to others. Freedom is very important for them, they cannot be limited and can come in conflict with others. They are often clever, always know what is going on, which trend it will be. Forever busy, they always have a plan which they want to perform. Boredom is not in their nature. They are very impatient, everything must be carried out immediately. To discuss everything quietly is almost impossible for them. Research work is their forte. They love plants, animals, stones and ancient. Dressing themselves eccentrically just to be different and they love to provoke. There are Aquarius types who love to go against the grain, who join street disturbance, or to shock others just for "fun". They love to travel dangerously, with flying also. They are good in artistic hand labour but they must try to finish what they have started These are the people of the future, they know that instinctively. Aquarius have the inclination to keep the head above water of all kinds of minority groups. Always on the lookout for like-minded people, they try to form group who are similar. Intellectual wealth is for Aquarius very important, they like to appear intelligent. Often know things better then others. They are a very intuitive people with an innate gift of wisdom. The sign Aquarius is represented as a water carrier. He is called a prophet, an instinctive knower, he carries a vase where water pours out off, and this symbolises knowledge or wisdom. They also like to agree with people so to get them to do what they want them to do. Intuitively, they usually know the weaknesses of other people and can use this. Aquarius donít often have durable friendships, changing friends many times, especially if they are bored, if it is not new anymore, or if a person proves to not being interesting enough. In friendships they also want to remain free, they want to carry on with several friends and not to be claimed by a single friend. Also, they love modern people, what or who they are makes no difference. They like to be in the company of eccentric people. What they are looking for with those people, they hardly know why, they just feel attracted to them. They love to go to parties, preferably informal parties, they especially like to be themselves. If they receive guests, they put them at ease at once. They are smooth talkers and have a good sense of humour. When they go to a restaurant they like to eat exotic food, the stranger it is, the better they like it. Anything that is unusual they like to experience. Romantic dinners leave them cold, they prefer to talk about other things. They love going out, to meet new people, to see what else is going on everywhere. Aquarius are never discouraged by their disappointments in life. They worry about it, think about it, then they know why it went wrong and carry on. Their bodies are often graceful, and they have a supple manner of walking. Aquarius canít stand heavy and thick clothing, penny pinching or a mean spirit. Because, of not wanting to be tied up with one thing or another, they don't like making appointments. Just doing things or going somewhere whenever they feel like it. Aquarius dresses themselves in whatever they feel like, practical or smart, cheerful, eccentric, but preferably no clothes at all! Thus you might see them on nudist beaches.


In the work place, Aquarius attain their best when they can use their intuitive capacities. They are suitable for improving production in large factories. But in a separate department which deals with research work and where modern machinery is used, because their interest lies in technique. Freedom in their work is essential, they must classify their own time, also be free to act, to be their own boss. Their aptitude lie in activities in the social area, also that which has to do with aviation such as, pilot, steward or astronaut. Aquarius can have an inclination to seclusion and solitude. They are suitable for serious studies, such as astrology or occult matters.


The health of Aquarius.

Aquarius are emotional and nervous. Enjoying the good things in life is difficult for them, eating, drinking or sex. They suffer from nervous tension, problems with the blood circulation make their legs feel heavy and their feet cold. Generally, they enjoy good health. But they can be nervous wrecks. The weak points of Aquarius are: the heart and especially the blood vessels. They are also susceptible for eye disorders, have very sensitive eyes. The conjunctiva can be inflamed by cold, draught or viral infection. The eyes can be swollen in the morning. This can be the effect of an allergic reaction. Aquarius are not heart patients, even so they can have pain in the heart region, albeit no serious palpitation. Varicose veins and disorders in the periphery of the blood vessels in the lower limbs is a problem for Aquarius. Symptoms are swollen legs especially in the summer, cold feet, tingle and itch in the lower legs. To improve the blood circulation is by walking each day. Iron-rich food is essential, otherwise they could have problems with anaemia. Symptoms of anaemia are: unexplainable tiredness, chills, pale skin, etc. This anaemia generally goes together with a too low blood pressure. Signs of this are dizziness: seeing stars, blackouts. Aquarius are rather nervous but their nervousness is directed outside, they are not be plagued by depressions or phobias but more by nervous attacks or nerve cramp. These can become evident on their organs, the ascendant plays a large role here. Aquarius have weak ankles, they must wear good shoes, particularly when playing sport. Sport is very good for Aquarius. Concerning their holiday: Aquarius have no need for traditional holidays. Luxury in any form does not attract them. They love to roam all over the country on their own initiative. Accommodation and food are not very important for them, as long as there are interesting things to experience. They are vagrants with a rucksack, like to sit beside a stream for a while, listen to the birds, taking a look of what is going on around them, to make small talk along the way. This is the best holiday for Aquarius, no tensions, and no nervousness. They need to become themselves again in nature. Aquarius have a talent for skating sports, both figure and ice skating, also ballroom dancing. In these artistic sports they can express themselves fully. But they must pay attention to their instep because it is a vulnerable spot. It is recommended to play sports where it comes down to muscular strength, swimming is very good. Their inclination is to play dangerous sports such as parachuting, trampoline jumps, air-gliding etc. It is better not to do these things, owing to their nervousness and their weak legs and ankles.


What makes an Aquarius feel better.

By wearing a topaz as a jewel, this stone gives pure and clear ideas. On the table a small bunch of lily-of-the-valley, or to burn essential oil in which this flower is processed. Regularly drink green tea, a lot of citrus fruit and to drink pure currant juice. Restricting the use of milk and eggs to the minimum. Daily walks and cycling. To be in the open air as much as possible.


External characteristics of Aquarius.

Medium height, lively, small face, long chin, beautiful and deep rather big eyes. Dark or fair hair.



Photographer, pilot, writer, lecturer, inventor, welfare and social worker, journalist (radio and TV), scientific consultant, diplomat, doctor, psychiatrist, head of a school, astrologer, research worker, computer programmer, trade union leader, public housing, technician, mathematician, alternative healer. Professions where the opportunity exist to invent something to the interest of the community.


Love life:

Love and frank relationships play a large role in the life of Aquarius. On the one side he likes to have a partner, on the other he needs his freedom. He is open for free affairs, a free marriage, or life in a commune. Love is for Aquarius a friendship, whereby you assist each other, but also stay free. According to Aquarius, faithfulness is difficult; sex and love are two different things. If you bind an Aquarius too much he will fight for his freedom. Aquarius is being, tight-lipped, often complicated, adventurous, independent and romantic. Suitable life partner: Gemini and Libra.









body part


lucky number




incense/essential oil

tarot card


royal- and peacock blue, emerald green, turquoise aquamarine, turquoise, topaze, green opale


parrot, peacock, springbok, large birds

alpine rose tri-coloured pansy, cactus, lotus

Russia, Sweden, Finland

hair, lower limbs, ankles, nervous system,

impure blood

1 and 7


team sports (football) and sailing, skating


nardus, pepper berry

the star